Our company is owner of 4 removal vans of the following brands: IVECO, AVIA, MAN and a truck set of volume from 22m3 to 54m3.

Van equipment
All our vans are dedicated only for furniture transport and removal. Each van is equipped with extension, which is dust proof. The inner parts of the case are upholstered, i.e. the transported items are protected against damaging. All the vans are also equipped with auto hoist. Due to the auto hoist we can place the stand up furniture which makes the loading and unloading much quicker.

Hydraulic decking with tonnage 1000kg
Our vehicles Iveco and MAN are specially equipped with hydraulic decking with tonnage 1000 kg to be able to transport heavier house hold effects.

Iveco 75E 14 and MAN 8.185LC with hydraulic sensor
These vans we use for:
Removing 3, 4-5 roomed flats, offices and also to move heavy house hold effects up to 1000 kg

Truck set 75EL and MAN 8.185LC with trailer
This vehicle is used for:
4-5 and more roomed flats, family houses. This van set is also suitable to use for moving companies and complexes of buildings

Avia A31 with extended case 29m3
This van is used for:
moving 2-3 roomed flats and offices

Avia A75EL, case 36 m3
This van is used for:
moving 3-4 roomed flats and also for family houses

Delivery van 9 m3
We use this van for:
moving separate pieces

All vehicles are upholstered inside and equipped with interlays, foam rubber and tie down straps to avoid the damaging of the carried items.