Moving of flat equipment, flats, houses and complexes of buildings

We offer these services to all private persons and to all who need to move just a few pieces of furniture but also the complete flat or a house and it does not matter if you move out of Brno, to Brno or in Brno.

We will move your entire flat and house equipment as well as just few pieces of your furniture. We will arrange everything on time, quickly, precisely, exactly how we agreed.

       Well prepared and scheduled work = no worries about removal

For many people can be stress or a complete nightmare to move a flat or a house. But if things are well organized, there’s no need to worry any more. Precise organization offers you quick, effective and cheap service.

Services free of charge
• Inspection of flat and consultancy, price calculation
• Crates and wrappage lending and also free delivery of these items

Other services for flat removal
• Assembling and dismantling big pieces of furniture • Packing • Picking-up and liquidation needless devices • Warehousing for temporal storage • Eventual buy-out of old and needless furniture (equipment)

Advantages of our vehicles
• all our vehicles are boxes vans, dust proof and completely upholstered • our vans are also equipped with auto hoist

Our advices how to save money
Reserve a parking place according to the size of the van as close as possible to the entrance of your house.
Closer to the entrance the parking place is, the loading itself takes less time and it can help to decrease your costs.
If you are able to dismantle big furniture on your own, please do so.
Clean out your wardrobes and other furniture.