Heavy house hold effects removal

Our company can provide professional removal of pianos, grand pianos, safes and other heavy house hold effects (100 kg and more).

We move heavy house hold effects up to 500 kg in classical way with the help of belts. To this category belong pianos, classic safes, servers, files, ATMs, etc.

Our professional team will pack your pianos into an air bubble foil and with a help of special crosses will easily carry it downstairs, load it to our van, remove it and carry it upstairs.

We can remove these types of heavy house hold effects without previous inspection of an item or an area.

Removal of heavy house hold effects (500 kg and more)
For this case we will plan a special schedule of works as well as communication of the complete process step by step. That’s why we calculate the price for each removal separately according to the weight, access points, financial value of an item etc.

This inspection is free of charge and contains the following:
1. Planning the way of removal
2. Selection of the tools
3. Tool size specification
4. Number of workers
5. Calculation of the total price
6. Agreement on the details with you

Removal of heavy household effects:
Machines, safes, pianos, ATMs, etc.
For this work we are equipped with suitable tools (carts, bars, hydraulic and rope heaver, etc).

We are owners of the following cranes:
• Cranes for light weight: crane AJ5 t, crane AJ 14 t, crane AJ 20 t
• Cranes for medium weight: crane ASJ 35 t, crane ASJ 40 t, crane ASJ 50 t, crane ASJ 70 t, crane ASJ 90 t
• Cranes for heavy weight: crane ASJ 100 t, crane ASJ 120 t, crane ASJ 160 t, crane ASJ 200 t
• We also use vehicles with hydraulic arm to carry items up to 3,5 t and vehicles with hydraulic hoist up to 1 t.